Not A Bad Dream

Not A Bad Dream is a re-working of the Life Explodes song, “Steve.” I love that song! And once while in an alternate dimension, (Anchorage!), I gave it a facelift and some new lyrics. Don’t get me wrong, I love the original lyrics, and the song was so fun to play live, but the more I messed with it in the studio, the more it changed into this.

Not A Bad Dream features much of the original music crafted by Marty Neary and Life Explodes. The main hook, driving guitars, and most of the arrangement that Marty wrote are still there. They are the heart and soul of the song!

The song also features original guitar parts written by Chris Whitehouse. His underlying chord melodies layered into the choruses add beautiful texture. A lot of the Wah-Wah noise is based on his original tracks as well as the 1st solo (after the 2nd chorus).

The rhythm programming is based on Dean’s original drum tracks, which were quite thunderous live.

The current lyrics reflect a longing for hope, truth and a call to action, although it shines a light on what we currently see in society today. It poses the question, “Is all really fair in love and war?” I don’t believe it is. That’s just some crap that we’ve been telling ourselves to justify our actions. It’s time to spread the love!

I hope you enjoy the song.

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