Not A Bad Dream Shoutout

Not A Bad Dream Song Cover

I’d like to give a shoutout to Damaris for modeling for The Mosh Petals’ Not A Bad Dream song cover! She’s a friend and an EMT that I work with. I originally approached her with the concept: “I’m thinking of doing a song cover that shows a Jump Boot stepping on the head of a young girl. The young girl will represent all of us, born onto this planet with hope and optimism. The boot will represent society and what’s sometimes waiting for us as we navigate our way through this life.” Then I told her that it was her that I wanted to use for the project. I guess she liked that concept well enough because she agreed to do it. I was elated!

The next obstacle was trying to sync up our schedules in order to actually do the shoot. Life gets in the way and time went by. Starting to feel that it might not happen, I worked on an alternative version that featured the photo an adorable, innocent baby to represent us entering this life. I love the way it came out! The baby is so excited and pure, which made the oncoming boot even more horrible!

In showing this cover around however, it seemed the punk rock artsiness and humor was lost on some who couldn’t get over the thought of a baby (metaphorically) getting stepped on. “No,” my now wife exclaimed, “you don’t step on babies!” Which of course I thought was hilarious, although I did see her point.

Luckily, Damaris and I were finally able to do a couple of photo shoots and the original vision was realized. The end product is the cover that is used on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music, Amazon, and a slew of other digital outlets.

It wasn’t done in time however for the video shoot of the song, so the t-shirts that I’m wearing in the video feature the “baby” version. (Long Live Punk!) Both versions of t-shirt are available at the Mosh Petals store.

So back to the point of this post…..thank you Damaris for playing along!